Q.How much are the guitar lessons ?  

 A. Lessons are       $ 35 for a half hour

                               $50 for 45 mins

                               $70 for a full hour

Q.What do I need to bring ?

A.  Just a willingness to learn and your enthusiasm. If you have your own guitar, feel free to bring it along, or you can use one of Andy's guitars.

Q. Do I have to read music ?

A.  No, Andy will write down the music in easy to read TAB (a simple guitar writing method).  Of course,  for those who want to learn to read music notation, Andy will certainly oblige.

Q. Do I need to bring/learn on an acoustic or an electric guitar ?

A.  It really doesn't matter, as long as you're comfortable on your chosen instrument. For the little ones, it is helpful to buy a half size or three-quarter size guitar to accommodate their smaller fingers.

Q. Should I book an hour or a half-hour lesson ?

A.  Adults generally find an hour is perfect to learn and fully absorb all that is being taught, while the younger ones usually only require a half hour to keep it fun and interesting.

Q. How many lessons should I book ?

A.  Booking four or more lessons at a time is really helpful, as this gives the students some weekly structure and more of an incentive to practice between the lessons.  This also guarantees a certain timespot each week.  Of course, you can book one lesson at a time for those whose timetables are more unpredictable.